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Super Scrappers Procedures and Policies

The federal, state, and local governments have created guidelines for businesses to follow in an effort to keep people gathering in groups as safe as possible during the Coronavirus Covid-19 current threat. This document will be updated as necessary to keep current. In order to comply with government guidelines and the requirement of our partner hotels, Super Scrapper retreats will have the following procedures in place during our retreats until further notice:

1. Attendees must wear face masks while in the cropping space including shopping at vendor tables. Masks must be worn at all times during the retreat in our meeting room.

2. Medical grade level 3 face masks will be provided by Super Scrappers. These masks are lightweight and more commfortable than cloth masks. Attendees may bring their own face masks, however, they must be in accordance with guidance from the CDC, which state: face coverings must completely cover the nose and mouth and: be snug but comfortable against the sides of the face, be secured with ties or ear loops, include multiple layers of material, and allow breathing without restriction. ​Any mask that incorporates a valve or is designed to facilitate easy exhaling is not a sufficient face covering, per new CDC guidelines. They allow droplets to be released from the mask and are NOT allowed. These include, but are not limited to: nylon masks, mesh masks, lace masks, or knit/yarn masks, masks with vents, visible gaps, holes, or other openings in the design or material.

3. Super Scrappers will provide hand sanitizer. Please use this frequently to help minimize the risk of spreading germs.

4. Attending any gathering during Covid-19 is a risk that each person must assess for themselves. 

5. Attendees will be asked daily to confirm that they have no Covid-19 symptoms. This will consist of a quick check-in at the front table area to initial an acknowledgement form. If at any time during a Super Scrappers event an attendee displays visible signs of Covid-19 symptoms, that attendee may be asked by Super Scrapper staff to leave the convention space, with no refund.

6. Due to DHEC regulations during Covid-19, only pre-packaged food may be provided by Super Scrappers. We would like to have soda and snacks as usual; however, if masks must be worn at all times during the retreat, we will have a no food rule in the crop room. Snacks would be taken elsewhere to be consumed; however, drinks with a straw or sports bottles that can slip under a mask will be allowed. Due to our contract with our hotel partners, we ask that no outside food is brought into the conference space.

We absolutely value each of our attendees and genuinely hope to keep everyone as safe as possible. We acknowledge the formality of such procedures, as they are necessary to communicate clearly so that we may all be protected.

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