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Updated as of 1/3/2022

Super Scrappers values and appreciates the talent of our retreat vendors! You will have the opportunity to reach 75-100 ladies, showing off your hand-made items, paper crafting supplies, and more.

Vendor Cost:

$80.00. Price includes one 6'x30" table along the wall of the room and a chair, plus room for a 2-3ft stand-alone display, if needed.  Additional tables may be purchased for $50, if we have the space at your particular retreat of interest. Price does not include hotel room, meals, or access to win retreat prizes.  If the retreat has food offered to attendees, we are able to give you a price ahead of time so that you can join in on our yummy meals. Vendors attending the retreat as an attendee receive a complimentary vendor table at no charge. 

Giveaway Prizes – Each vendor will be required to donate $40 retail value to our retreat giveaway. This can be several items that all total $40. 

Classes and Demos – About a month away from the retreat, we will ask if you would like to offer a class(es). We will post classes online, showing a photo, description, and cost. Sign up sheets will be available online prior to the retreat and on paper at the retreat. Classes should either be complimentary to the attendees or require a small materials fee. Please do not make classes too expensive. Vendors should plan for 10 attendees per class, with a one-hour time limit.  All classes must be on the Super Scrappers schedule.

Flyers and Advertising -- Vendors are welcome to provide flyers, catalogs, business cards and other items to attendees. Advertising on our social media pages must be pre-approved. 

We welcome vendors that sell items that we think our audience will love and use, at our discretion. Once you register as a vendor you will receive an email confirmation with payment details. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in being a vendor at a Super Scrappers retreat. 

Vendor Information: About
Apply to be a Vendor

Thanks for submitting your vendor request! We will email you soon.

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